Sup this is Logan off the morgan and LOGAN show i am the funny,tall,weird girl who always has a pony-tail in! LOL!!!! Morgan and I have  been friends since 3rd grade!!!! We thought of the idea of doin a webshow at my house when we had my mom's digital camera and at the same time we said we can put this on the internet and make a website!!!!  Morgan and I dont even think of wat we are gonna do for the show we just think of somthing and if it is funny we will put it on there somtimes we put unfunny things on there but that is our choice! You can tell i am very hyper!!!! Also check YOUTUBE for our videos the names will always be somthin like the morgan and logan show episode #?!! OUR VIDEOS ARE ON YOUTUBE!!!!So keep visiting our website to watch the latest videos plz! TELL EVERYBODY ABOUT OUR WEBSITE!!!!:) :} :>!!!! BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALSO TWILIGHT THE MOVIE AND THE BOOK TOTALLY ROCK!!!! Also I love running track, playing softball,annoying my bro, & playin kickball! Also my nick names are: Sticky-Log, Logo, Stick, and The Jumping Stick! BYE!!!!