this is morgan the one that usally has a headband in on The Morgan and Logan Show. i use strange vocab like : shlocome , grrr , yerp,and more . sometimes i were long ,colorful socks.i am one notch below hyper unlike logan who is full blown HYPER  :o) we do the webshow in my theater room .i like pingbirds , bright colors , and sparklie things.if u r wondering a pingbird is a penguin but pingbird is a shlocomely awesome word. we both thought of the idea of makeing a webshow at logans house we were fake avertiseing pointless things on her moms cammera .now if u watch a webshow tell EVERYONE about it and how shlocomely awesome it is .


    what is shlocome 

    shlo*come adj.word use to describe all things awesome usally used by morgan there is a song about this word make by morgan

    what is grrr

    grrr adj. word used to express slight anger should only be used by morgan

    what is yerp

     yerp n. big toe